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There are theories which deal with the process of the creation of the universe. And in this letter I would like to write it according to what is said about it in the Koran. In this holy book, astronomy field dominates the discussion about physics. I found out that it is randomly discussed (there is no definite order of one discussion to next ones). That is why I have to pick some words or paragraphs and put them in certain order according to common sense and some physics laws.

One word in one paragraph or section may have many different meanings. And the key word in my discussion here is the word heaven (as sama). The phases of the creation of the universe are related to that word. And in it’s context, it’s interpreted and connected with astronomy. Misinterpretation may occur and it is merely caused by my own mistake of my insufficient capabilities in translations. For that reason, I welcome any constructive and I do hope that my explanation be useful for all of us.

Sincerely yours,

Muchsin Faisal Effendie


The word heaven (as sama) has both micro and macro sense. In term of micro sense, heaven means the smallest unit. While in broad sense, heaven is formed by it’s units. In other words, there are some levels of heaven in the universe. It can be clarified we follow: atmosphere, heavenly bodies and the galaxies.

Heaven which means atmosphere, in a narrow sense heaven means sky or layer which surround the earth. This meaning is found in the following:

“And We bring you rain down from heaven” (31:10)

There is still other paragraph which means a like. What is meant by the word heaven in the quotations above is cloud. This meaning is classified in another paragraph:

“And we come down from the cloud, the water which is pouring” (46:24)

According to geography what we know about atmosphere, cloud is exist in the troposphere layer. It is about 12 kilo meters high, while the cloud is usually about 2 kilo meters above the sea level.

To make sure that heaven means atmosphere, look at this quotation:

“Birds fly in heaven” (16:79)

“Good trees, the roots are strong, and the branch reaches the heaven” (14:24)

It is quite clear that heaven means atmosphere, because birds fly in the sky or atmosphere.

Heaven means heavenly bodies is higher than the first meaning above. Heavenly bodies may include stars, planets, comets or meteors. Heaven meaning heavenly bodies can be found in there paragraphs:

“Decorating the sky which is closes the decoration, the stars and the planets” (37:6)

I think what is by sky here is the sky which can be seen by naked eye, without using a telescope., because it is in the sky we can see the stars, planets or meteors. So, the right interpretation of the word heaven here is constellation of the stars. Where the star is the system with planets, meteors, comets, satellites and other heavenly bodies in it. We can call this a zodiac.

Heavenly means galaxy; galaxy is cluster of stars which can be billons. We, who live in this solar system is part of our galaxy – The Milky Way. Heaven which means galaxy is found in the following:

“And actually We have create clusters of stars (buruuj) in the heaven” (15:16)

“For heaven’s shake with it’s stars” (85:1)

In astronomy, the word buruuj means cluster or groups of star. So, group of star is nothing but galaxy.


Many things which happen in these worlds are merely repetition of what have taken place in the past. We often notice and feel the cycle of world’s phenomenon. And so is the history of the universe.

“Like what We have done when we start the first creation, We will repeat that again (nu’iiduhu)” (21:104)

Nu’iiduhu is derived from the ‘aada, which means ‘aada : raja’a : again or repeated. It is just like when someone goes, and then come back again. If we draw a line from the time he went and the time he came back. It will form a closed curve. The sentence which contains that word is ‘iidu sanawiyyu tadzaariyyu which means birthday. If we consider the first birthday as the beginning which is followed by the second one plus the happenings which occur between them, and if we draw a line, it is very hard to imagine this life as straight line. Because the beginning finally meets with the end. This life is best illustrated as a circle.

When we look at a circle, we can not decide which is the beginning and which is the end. In relation with the word nu’iiduhu, it is interpreted as the repetition of the end into the beginning.

Circle is the closest in meaning with the word nu’iiduhu, a part of the nature phenomenon like water cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle. That water undergoes a cycle is obvious. Water in may different places will vaporize; continuous evaporation especially during dry season will form clouds. Cloud will form rain, and water will come down to the earth again.

That’s why I put the end of the world (the judgment day) and the beginning of the world with the hell with it’s fire between them as the first phase. As I have said before that last is the first.

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