Tuesday, March 31, 2009


PHASE I: The end of the world (the doomsday) is marked by the destruction of the universe; it is this phase which brings the universe into beginning when it was born for the first time. Then what will happen if the stars shattered, smashed (totally destructed) or if they ran out of fuel.

So you must wait until the heaven brings the real could (bidukhaanin mubin)” (44:10)

Dukhaanin comes from the word dakhina, for example: dakhkhan: smoking. With the meaning in the translation above we can in for that as smoke, not cloud. Since smoke comes from vaporation. Smoke indicates that there is heat. The word in the sentence dakhanal ghubaru: satha’a: flying all around. Smoke is closer in meaning with dukhaanin, compare with could or fog which is relatively static, and it moves only in certain directions.

If we combine the word mubiin with dukhaanin, we can interpret them as energy. Energy is related to motion and heat. That’s why energy is the closest meaning of the word.

In Einstein’s Theory Relativity we can see that energy can be changed into mass. In an endoderm reaction, energy is required to form material.

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