Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PHASE 4: If a proto galaxy exploded, it will form proto stars. And if stars (which may have mass billions of that of the sun) explode, it will from hyper nova. That’s what happen when a proto galaxy which consists of billions of star explode. The process of the formation of galaxies from proto galaxy is described in the following paragraph:

“And We arrange (banainaaha) the heaven (galaxies) with Our power” (51:47)

“And above you, We built (syidaadaan) seven strong buildings” (78:12)

Banainaaha comes from the word bana, for the sentence abna fulaanan: build a house. Bunayyaatuth thariqi: junction from a big into many small ones. Banaatul ardli: auhaarush shaghiira: brook. Ibnuth tahud: ash shada: echo.

To form or make a galaxy, a very powerful proto galaxy explosion is needed. This explosion occurs because the proto galaxy, which mass billions of the mass of the sun become unstably, and form a curved line 9orbit), it moves unsteadily. It can be seen clearly in a galaxy high has a spiral form. The “small roads” in the quotation above means collection of billions of stars.

Syidaadaan comes from the word syadda, for syaddasy syaia: rabatahu: to tie, al masyduud: something which is pulled, tied tightly. Asyadda: balagha asyudda: become mature 9in age and mentally)

If a man is mature, he is stabile both physically and mentally; he doesn’t get taller. If a galaxy is “mature” it means that the stars in it don’t do expansion because all stars are influenced by gravity from the centre of the galaxy and the gravity between stars also become so stabile. So that the stars can maintain the shape of the galaxy.

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