Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PHASE 5: The formation of proto planets from proto star. There are many theory dealing with how was formed; from the classical theory like the theory twin star, theory of tide to the modern theory like condensation theory.

“That the sun and the earth are coherent. They are close (ratqaan). Then We put them away from each other (fafataqnaahumma)” (21:30)

Ratqaan is derived from rataqa, for rataqa tsauba: to sew, to patch; rataqasy syaia: saddahu wa aghlaqahu: to close, plug up. From this explanation we can see that the sun or star and the earth were composed from the same material.

“Who create the seven skies, ad the earth is also like that (mitslahuna)”(65:12)

Mitslahuna is derived from the word matsala, for matsala wa maatsala: syaabah: alike, resemble. Matsalar rajalu: moves from ils place. Matsala: lathaa bil ardli: stick on the ground). Watamattsala bilaadahu fii bilaadin ukhraa: an syakh shaau fii haflatin: represent.

The sun and earth was the same, if we them from their shape and their elements. Both have rotation and revolution. Planet is formed only by a small part of the proto star (mass of the Jupiter is 1/1000 of the sun). Then planets then moves, but they are still “tied”. Tied in the solar system. The dismissal of the planets from the sun is explained in the following:

“And then the earth is thrown (dahaaha)”

Dahaaha is derived from the word dahaa, for dahaal bathnu: big, puffed out belly (abdomen). Dahaal hajara biyadihi: to throw.

If we compare our body with the body of the pro star, and the puffed out belly as the part of the proto star which is puffed out, we will understand that it is that part which will become the proto planet; which later thrown away and moves on its orbits. The dismissal of the proto planet from the proto star will be explained as follows.

Faftaqnahumaa is derived from the word fataqa, for fataqa wa fataqasy syaia: divide, fataqats tsauba naqadla khiyaatha tahu: to tear sewn clothes. Aftaqa qarnusy syamsi: sun which comes out of the cloud.

It is clear that there is a very strong gravity on the outermost part of the proto star. The gravity then makes a part of the proto star to lump, and it was separated from the proto star. It was later known as proto planet. There is clear distortion between what is stated in the classical theory the formation of the planet is in influenced by other stars.

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