Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PHASE 3: in this phase, proto galaxies are born as the result of the big bang. A giant proton ball with billions of galaxies in it was formed, in the phase before. We can’t image how big it is, there is nothing which can be compared in size with it, not even the sun. If a star explodes, it would form a supernova. But if this a giant proton ball exploded, it would form an ultra nova. In astronomy, the explosion is known as the big bang. Signs of the centre of this explosion or the centre of the universe have been stated in the following quotations:

“A shelter which has three branches (syu’abin) which does not cover and does not reject the hell fire. Actually hell gives out (tarmi), a spark as big and tall as a palace. As if it were cattle of yellow (shufrun jamal)” (77:30-32)

Tarmi comes from the word rama, for ramasy syaa:thatrahahu: throw. While ramassahma ‘anil gausi (alaihi): let out, shoot off (like a narrow from a bow). What is let out in explosion is a giant spark. How it looks like is described as a parade of yellow camels.

Shurun is derived from shafara, for shafar: shauwata binnafhi min syafataihi: whistle and shafarattu’ban: fahha: means hiss, sizzle. The whistling or hissing sound of the spark shows that the proto galaxy exploded and formed proto stars.

The nature of galaxies which is symbolized by spark is explained by syu’abin, which comes from the word sya’aba, for sya’abal qaum means parting, scattered. Sya’sbabashaahiba: baa’adahu: stay away. From the different forms of the word syu’aba, it can be explained that all galaxies moved away from each other. The galaxies are divided into three group’s ellipse galaxies, spiral galaxies and irregular forms. It is in according with the explanation “a shelter which has three branches’ above. The orbit of the galaxies can be explained from:

“And the root (assaqfi) which is heightened” (52:5)

“And the galaxies (as sama), how it is heightened (rufiat)” (88:18)

Assaqfi is derived from the word saqafa, for saqifa: high curved. After the explosion, the galaxies orbits are not straight lines but curved. I think it is because of the galaxies rotation and because of gravity of the centre of the universe which makes their rotation curved or not straight.

Rufiat is derived from rafa’a, for rafa’a: lift. Rafa’alama: raise (a flag). Rafa’al haditsa: salsalah ila qaailahul awwali: connect something with it’s source.

If we change the flag with the galaxies and the source with the centre of the universe. It is clear that galaxies moves away from it’s centre (expanded).

How the centre of the universe looks like, is derived in paragraph:

“Actually zaqqum tree is tree (syajaratun) which comes out from the bottom (ashli) the hell”

Ashli comes from the word ashala, for ashiyyu which means the beginning, at first, something which happened before, rasakha ashalat: have roots, ashlu: man syau: origin.

Interpretation of that paragraph is about something which exist, before the universe exists and as the source of the universe. Why the centre of the universe is described as has roots? Roots here mean something which ties something, together as the galaxies are tied together. Then the word syajararsy syais: rabathahu: tie, syajrau: ajmatu: forest, gather. So, it can be understood, that after the big bang, proto galaxies which is next to the centre of the universe are tied and are effected by strong gravity so, they are like a whirl in the centre of the universe.

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