Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PHASE 2: energy formed a giant proton ball. Like I have stated before that energy can be changed into mass in a reaction. At last, according to the astronomies, this proton ball exploded. The explosion was known as the big bang. There are many paragraphs which explain about this giant proton ball, such as:

“Into a very hot water (hamaimii)” (40:72)

“Burning in the hell (sa’iiran)” (25:11)

“For them, above are layers of fire (zhulalun) and so are below (zhulalun)” (39:16)

“For them clothes (tsiyaabun) from the hell fire” (22:19)

Hamiimi comes from the word hamma which may mean hammal maa: sakhina: lava. We can image that if a ball like hot lava rolls, everything on its way will be burnt too. If only a part of such things is lava, we possibly can find it on the earth. But if all of it is hot lava, we can only find it on the sun or stars.

Sa’iiran comes from the word sa’ara, in sentence tasa’ara wasta’arannaar means burning (giving out flames). From both of that word, we can imagine how hell looks like; lava like place which can destroy everything in it with its bright light.

Zhulalun comes from the word zhalla, for zhallala wa azhalla: alqaa alaikii zhillahu: to cover (something from heat, sun etc). For example, if someone uses an umbrella, he will be protected against sunlight. If something is covered by hot lava, all around it that thing will became hot lava too. And azh zhalahu means water under the tree which is protected against sunshine. We can imagine how big the tree is, how thick the leaves are so that sunlight can’t reach it, only reaches the tree.

We can also imagine how big the burning lava is so that whatever is put inside it can’t be seen. Everything that whatever into it no matter how big it is will dissolve and what we can see is just the burning lava. We will see what that burning lava really is from the word tsiyaabun from the word tsaaba, for tsaabannas: ijtama’u : gather. If we combine it with the previous word, we can interpret that it is the origin or union. What is meant by union here is the union of the galaxies. Even if we put all the galaxies in it. All we can see is just it. It here is the giant proton ball in which is like the sun or star and which can cover all the galaxies. As stated in the sentence matsaabal bir meaning a wall surrounding a well. So that we can understand that above all the proton ball is a giant ball from which galaxies are born. But why should proton is first? Not there particles or other elements with more atoms mass. If elements which have more atoms mass existed first, then fist of all protons, electron and neutron have to be there first to compose that element. So, it’s understandable that proton (which is composed by quarks) was formed fist.

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